Ringspun Ladies Fit Long Sleeve

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Pigment Dye Is (Let's Just Be Honest) The Hottest Thing Right Now

So let me explain the difference. When you make a regular shirt the manufacturer first dyes the fabric and then cuts and sews the shirt. Ringspun cotton, on the other hand, is the opposite. You are probably rolling your eyes at me right now wondering why this would matter... well let me tell you all about it!

You see, the manufacturer uses amazingly soft 100% cotton (cotton so soft you would love it for bed sheets) and keeps it white. They cut and sew the shirts and then, when done, apply a special dye process to the finished garment. The dye sits on top of the fibers instead of embedding the color deep into the fibers. This results in a shirt that has an incredibly soft touch and will soften over time with washings. Yes, you heard me correctly, the more you wash this the better it will get. During each wash a little of the dye washes out resulting in a soft feel you can not get in a regular dyed shirt and a lived in look and feel.

This comfort colors long sleeve tee is a ladies fit for a more fashionable and tapered look rather than a unisex fit so check with our size chart before ordering so that you know it will look on as amazing as it feels! Seriously, these run a little small and you do not want your letters to pull and risk getting a hole. No one wants that.

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