Sorority Apparel - Multi Red Pink Floral Fabric On White Twill

Multi Red Pink Floral Fabric On White Twill

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These individual letters are available in both Greek and Regular Block Fonts. They are $5.00 per individual letter.

DIYers Unite!! This individual double layer DIY Greek letter is the perfect way to show off your creative side. Perfect for gifts, decorating or just playing around on crafts, you will love how this sparkles and shines on your next project.

This combination includes a top fabric of our unique and dainty Multi Red Pink Floral Fabric matched with a crisp white twill

DIY Letters available in an individual  4" x 4" double layer fabric set in the combination shown. 

DIY Letters do have a sticky backing that can be adhered with a commercial heat press. We HIGHLY recommend that they be affixed with a zig zag or satin stitch if you are applying to a cloth product. 

DIY Greek letters come individually packaged with instructions