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Micah Hall

Lovevery Helper Play Kit | Kid Toy Box and Books for 2 Year Old

Lovevery Helper Play Kit | Kid Toy Box and Books for 2 Year Old

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Montessori toddler toys designed to meet the developmental needs of your 2 year old (25-27 month old). Toddler development toys that support independent play and fine motor skills. The Helper Play Kit will help develop motor skills, communication, language, literacy, social and emotional skills, math and problem-solving skills, and encourage the beginnings of their identity. The Super Sustainable Sink promotes safe water play with a child-size play sink made from renewable resources. The sink includes a child-safe motor so your child can play for hours and never run out of water. The Felt Flowers in a Row offers sensory tools to encourage fine motor precision. The 鈥楳aking Muffins鈥?Board Book is a wonderful children鈥檚 book that encourages counting. The Anywhere Art Kit with Washable Tempera Paint Sticks provides a child鈥檚 art set that makes it easy for your child to paint, mark, match and create鈥攚herever they are. The Drop and Match Dot Catcher with Wooden Dots and Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag is an interactive children鈥檚 puzzle and activity that will challenge your child鈥檚 fine motor skills while strengthening hand-eye coordination.The Double-Sided Sunny Day Puzzle will challenge your two-year-old to use the same pieces to solve different puzzles. The Let鈥檚 Map It Out Routine Cards offer a card set that children can use to introduce and choose routines. The Play Guide for months 25, 26, and 27 is a user鈥檚 guide for families that provides expert tips, child development research, ways to play, and additional at-home activities to promote healthy brain development.

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