Sorority Apparel - Exclusive Goldrush Knight on Metallic Gold Twill

Exclusive Goldrush Knight on Metallic Gold Twill

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We know you are a DIY fan and when it comes to Big/Little, you love making your new little something from the heart. Well, don't use just any old letters, use a JennaBenna Exclusive fabric combination and set your project apart! 

This combination includes a top fabric of JennaBenna Exclusive Marble Goldrush Dusk and a bottom fabric of Metallic Gold Twill. 

DIY Letters available in an individual  4" x 4" double layer fabric set in the combination shown. 

DIY Letters do have a sticky backing that can be adhered with a commercial heat press. We HIGHLY recommend that they be affixed with a zig zag or satin stitch if you are applying to a cloth product. 

DIY Greek letters come individually packaged with instructions