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Micah Hall

Evi Smart Bassinet

Evi Smart Bassinet

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Synopsis With its cutting-edge hands-free smart device technology, the TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet helps soothe and lull baby back to sleep. For hands-free assistance when you need it most, the Evi Smart Bassinet's unique motion, light, and sound features link to Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or via its mobile app. Features include active sensory lighting, ambient nightlight, variable speed auto-glide, and sounds. Nightlight has two brightness-controlling modes. A) Constantly using ambient light B) Activating ambient lighting with sensory effects Variable speed auto-glide side-to-side movement is included. noises include soothing noises of the natural world and the womb, classical music, and guitar lullabies. Included are two fitted, incredibly soft organic bamboo sheets. a big storage basket that can be removed. Security ASTM F963-17 and 16 CFY Part 1307 compliant tests for lead, heavy metals,

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